26 February 2015

Follow me on Tumblr ! It's over on Blogger...

LGM on blogger 2009 -2015

Blogger's new policy change the 24th March and will not allow Adult content anymore...
They will delete my blog or will become private...

It's been a beautiful adventure... Since 2009 !
I would have published more than 1000 morphs !
More than 1 800 000 pageviews !

Thanks to this blog, I met wonderful people who share the same passion but it's not over !!
I stay on Facebook and I change my Tumblr !
linkinoriginals it's over too ! To become linkingiantmorphs !
I will repost ALL my morphs ! (This will take time but I will !)
I would continue to post the originals of my morphs !

I hope that you will join me on the new adventure on Tumblr !
Blogger, it's over !
Linkin's Giant Morphs, it's not over !

Thanks for all.

20 February 2015

[2015] #012

"Here is my son ! He is looking for a boyfriend !
Don't be fooled by his appearance ! He's only 17 ! He has did not finish his puberty !
He has a great potential... Like his father !
Interested ?"

13 February 2015

[2015] #010 + #011

"Are you sure that it's a good idea to reverse the roles ? I'm bored..."

"Ok ! I said nothing !!"

09 February 2015

[2015] #009

"It's ok buddy..."
"No ! It's not ok ! Did you saw me well ? My biceps are bigger than your head ! Your 2 hands are not enough for seizing one of my pecs !... And even sitting I'm taller than you ! Why did you let me take these pills ? I became a monster !! My dream was to be like you, not to surpass yourself !"
"Your dream has come true ! The pills have made a really good work on you ! You have become huge and powerful ! You're not a monster ! You are a muscle God !"
"But... What will everybody think ? How to explain my new body ?"
"Your body commands respect ! Don't worry about this ! You have the chance to be certainly the biggest man of the world and I'm sure that you are going to make dream of more than one man ! I'm totally smitten by your body !"
"Seriously ?"
"Seriously !! And all I want immediatly it is to go in your arms, to have a huge hug and to feel your strenght !!"
"But... If I hurt you ?"
"I don't care ! I would have touched a muscle god..."
"You... You..."
"I know that you are interested by me since a while..."
"But... But... But why did you tell me nothing before ?"
"Because I knew that your dream was to be bigger. you said that you wanted to be like me but secretly I knew that you wanted more ! So, I worked very hard in my laboratory to make these pills. When I found the good formula of the pills, I knew once your dream would come true, mine will come true too !"
"Ok, It's true that I wanted to be bigger than you but not so big ! But... What do you mean about your dream will come true after ?"
"I knew the result of just one pill..."
"WHAT ? Why did you give 5 pills ??"
"For become MY muscle God..."
"Oh... Ok... So... After the hug... Can I will kiss you ? I'm dreaming about this since some years..."
"All you want my muscle God..."
"I like when you call me like that..."
"Before I forget, if you wish, I have another pills in my jacket..."
"All that you want my man... You realized all my dreams, I can not refuse you nothing ! I can be the universe's tallest, biggest, largest muscular man for you !"
"Sounds great !..."

06 February 2015

[2015] #008

"Sit down ! You're too tall !"
"You know, I'm so big that it also works if you put on your knees..."
"No no ! I don't see your face with your big pecs !"

31 January 2015