28 August 2014

5 YEARS !!!!!

Woah ! 5 years already !
Time flies !

Since 2009, the blog has gone through changes, novelties, and logos !...

Also, more than 1.5 million pages viewed, it's just AWESOME !!

But the most important thing is that since the beginning of the blog, you could discover more than 1150 MORPHS !!

Subsequently, in June 2011, I decided to create a facebook fan page !

It allows me to be closer to you, to know more about your opinion and give new images !
Especially my LGM drinks !


The page has over 600 likes !

And the latest addition to the "family" LGM, my tumblr page ! (jan. 2013)

On this page, you can find some of the originals of my morphs but also everything that I love, without censorship ! :)
The page has over 300 followers !

Without you, all of this would not be there !
You did grow my passion, my blog, my facebook page ... 
I never thought one day that my blog would hold so long !! 
I spent five wonderful years to make morphs and I hope to still spend another 5 news with you


P.S. : I send the MOST ENORMOUS of thank you to Rent for its beautiful drawing !!!! 
He's a great person and his blog is worth seeing !! Click here !! 

20 August 2014