26 February 2015

Follow me on Tumblr ! It's over on Blogger...

LGM on blogger 2009 -2015

Blogger's new policy change the 24th March and will not allow Adult content anymore...
They will delete my blog or will become private...

It's been a beautiful adventure... Since 2009 !
I would have published more than 1000 morphs !
More than 1 800 000 pageviews !

Thanks to this blog, I met wonderful people who share the same passion but it's not over !!
I stay on Facebook and I change my Tumblr !
linkinoriginals it's over too ! To become linkingiantmorphs !
I will repost ALL my morphs ! (This will take time but I will !)
I would continue to post the originals of my morphs !

I hope that you will join me on the new adventure on Tumblr !
Blogger, it's over !
Linkin's Giant Morphs, it's not over !

Thanks for all.

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